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make hummus notwar

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American Presidents

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No-Kill Now!


1 Better to remove in the fight to win the war leader. And in this way abolish war.

2 We can do better. Develop brains. Improve brain. To pondered well what he was doing.

2015/01/05 11:34:27 Can be achieved in another way, a war to remove. In order not to be one place.

2015/01/05 13:06:50 One can see that you've done everything. And you've got to do so. If you do not work out. possible to improve the brain is necessary.

2015/01/05 17:33:46 Dear friends, we are glad to meet you. Hope to see you again. Glad to meet with you, that was.

2015/01/07 13:17:47 Come again. You are very necessary for us. We've got everything you need for you.

2015/01/09 20:35:03 Distinguished guests are always welcome you to our source. We need you. War do yourself in the world. Not what you make war. This crime is more in the future, should be punished in the future for the war to do.