Welcome to you

Magnificent view

Beautiful flowers from you Security

Wonderful smell of the restaurant

Will you come with me to a restaurant for dinner? City

How old are you?

How do you agree with me to drink cold drinks? Job

Mafia on the verge of war

We are aware of plans for a mafia war in the country. They are using unknown methods that make the development of the war. We have no way to remove the work of the mafia. We will be pleased if you could help us.

Are you ready to help the mafia to remove from the face of the earth. Your donation and work, the elimination of the mafia is very valuable for me. Your services. will appreciate the world's smartest people. maybe popular and officials. Your efforts will be brought more attention to us. But never mind take take up too late. be smart, it's a miracle. Are you ready to go with me to remove the military and the war on the ground. People will live on the planet, the planet will not be destroyed by an atomic explosion inside, deep within the earth's surface. although it may not be possible to begin a new war and kill a million people. Fix the world with us, easily and without problems. 100% guarantee that this is a good and smart business. My name search words will say that it is true. Pay attention notkill.me domain. This powerful name attracted smart people to work with me.

Director is open for you

Be careful and you will be working director. Be a respected person in the world is important to you. Plan for the future of one of the useful and necessary work in the world. will work together in order to remove the creation of the war. Although it is only in name. Useful work will not leave you, never so easy to find in front of your nose. Goodbye. It was me.